Gelato Cake Order


Gelato cakes are the perfect option for any occasion in this beautiful North Queensland climate we live in.

Terms & Conditions *
Minimum: 2.

Allergen statement : We cannot guarantee that our products are strictly free from allergens. We certainly do our best but cross contamination is a possibility during both manufacturing and service.

*Filling out the below is only required if you have selected to add these to the product above*

Pickup date must be 72 hours (3 days) if time of order is after 2pm on a Friday.

The Gelato Cake prices are;

Gelato cakes are the perfect option for any occasion in this beautiful North Queensland climate we live in.

The gelato cake prices are:

  • Small (8inch) – $55
  • Medium (9inch) – $65
  • Large (10inch) – $75

Optional Additions:

  • Nutella fudge glaze + $5.00
  • Custom message written in chocolate on gelato cake + $5.00
  • Double flavoured cake + $10.00.
  • Gluten free cake base + $5.00


Gelato Tips

It is gelato remember, so all pick-ups must be done quickly, with no time to waste.

Pick up will be from our main shop on The Strand and corner of Gregory Street only.

Using an esky or cooler bag can extend your travel time.

Have your freezer space ready so the gelato/gelato cake can be put straight in once you get to your desired venue.

Freezers should ideally be at -18 degrees.

When serving a gelato cake use a hot sharp knife and wipe off any excess water to prevent depositing ice crystals on the gelato.

Any leftover gelato/ gelato cake should be covered and put back in the freezer as soon as possible.

Any other questions or queries about pick-up and serving please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


Small, Medium, Large

Flavour (whole/outside of cake)

Chocolate (Gelato) (GF), Belgian Chocolate (Gelato) (GF), White Chocolate (Gelato) (GF), Vanilla (Gelato) (GF), Cookies & Cream (Gelato), Crazy Cookies (Gelato), Caramel Fudge (Gelato) (GF), Crème Brulee (Gelato) (GF), Pannacotta Crunch (Gelato), Butterscotch (Gelato) (GF), Salted Caramel (Gelato) (GF), Salted Caramel White Chocolate (Gelato) (GF), Ferrero Rocher (Gelato), Pistachio (Gelato) (GF), Macadamia (Gelato) (GF), Hazelnut (Gelato) (GF), Roasted Almond (Gelato) (GF), Salty Peanut (Gelato) (GF), Espresso (Gelato) (GF), Cappuccino (Gelato) (GF), Tiramisu (Gelato), Rum & Raisin (Gelato) (GF), Strawberries & Cream (Gelato) (GF), Choc Mint (Gelato) (GF), Stracciatella (Gelato) (GF), Mars Bar (Gelato), Snickers (Gelato) (GF), Malteser (Gelato), Turkish Delight (Gelato) (GF), Cherry Ripe (Gelato) (GF), Honeycomb (Gelato), Amarena Crunch (Gelato) (GF), Berry Heaven (Gelato) (GF), Milo (Gelato), Bubblegum (Gelato) (GF), Lemon Crunch (Gelato), Salted Caramel Brownie Cheesecake (Gelato), White Passion (Gelato) (GF), Mango (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Strawberry (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Raspberry (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Lemon (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Lime (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Blood Orange (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Wild Berry (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Pineapple (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Coconut (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Dark Chocolate (Sorbet) (DF)(GF), Dark Chocolate Mint (Sorbet) (DF)(GF)

Second Flavour (inside of cake)

No, Yes

Nutella Fudge Glaze

Yes, No

Custom Message (written in chocolate, contains dairy)

Yes, No

Gluten Free Cake Base

Yes, No